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Museum of Pop Culture Seattle

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

It was formerly known as Experience Music Project and Science Fiction Museum and Hall of fame. It's a non-profit museum dedicated to contemporary popular culture. Founded by Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft it's a cool building with 3000 stainless steel and aluminium sleek.

Musuem of Pop Culture
Visit Museum of Pop Culture with Towncars Seattle

How to make your visit at MoPop stress free?

  • Always check the website to keep a track of exhibits, in case an exhibit is no longer available.

  • If you don't like too much crowd, plan to visit early or near to closing time, especially if you want to experience studio pods in sound lab.

  • On average, around 2 hours is sufficient but if you're a fan of pop music, sci-fi music you may need more time.

  • For your comfortable and timely arrival at MoPop, you can book Towncars Seattle. It's a high rated town car service in Greater Seattle area and have been serving Seattle for over a decade. It's reliable and affordable.

  • As Space Needle is quite close from MoPop, you can combine the two icons of Seattle in a single visit.

Other information:

Ticket: The cost of a ticket ranges from $23-28. Book in advance to receive discount.

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